Roofing & roofing system

1,Metal roofing system

Metal roofing, steel cladding, concrete roofing, industrial roofing solutions, PVC roof sheet steel, building cladding, skylights and domes, tensile membrane structures, corrugated aluminum panels, roof and wall cladding, polycarbonate Roof sheets, etc.


2,Single-layer roofing system

PVC, EPDM, CPE, HDPE, TPO, rubber-plastic blended waterproof sheets and polymer coil bonding materials, mechanical fixings, hot-air welding machines, roofing accessories and beading rows, and the falling water system including metal, PVC eaves, gravity Downspout, downspout, siphon downspout system and accessories, etc.


3,Roof planting system

Root puncture-resistant waterproof materials for planting roofs, drainage boards, metal alloy waterproofing membranes, planting roofing systems, etc.

Overhead separation materials: plastic hydrophobic board, plastic overhead board, ecological overhead body, overhead net, grass planting grid, etc.

Planting medium: light mixed nutrient soil, light long-term nutrient soil, light humus soil, synthetic soil, etc.

Plants: generally use lawns, ground covers, trees, shrubs, vines, etc.

Storage and drainage: single (double) side drainage storage plate, drainage pipe and drainage layer materials, etc.

Maintenance and supporting materials: special insecticides, herbicides, roof spraying and irrigation, lighting equipment, etc.


4,Rooftop solar photovoltaic power generation system

Solar roofing systems, solar photovoltaic panels, solar photovoltaic thin films, monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon modules, amorphous cells, silicon-based thin film batteries, other thin film batteries, solar photovoltaic tiles, solar photovoltaic coils, solar roof components, etc.


5Roof energy saving system

Tile roof ventilation and energy-saving system, heat-reflective insulation roof system, breathable waterproof and energy-saving roof system, spray foam polyurethane waterproof and energy-saving roof system; gypsum board, gypsum hollow board, lightweight partition wall slats, lightweight composite thermal insulation block, concrete Hollow block, aerated concrete block, gypsum block, hollow glass brick, waterproof gypsum ceiling, waterproof wallpaper, etc.